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. wet weather has moved to the sierra, here's a live look at caltrans camera on i-80 and kingvale, nothing coming down at the moment, mike tracking the latest with live doppler things change quickly in the sierra. >> absolutely. looks like the storm is starting to taper like it is here at home. good morning. more than an inch in napa, santa rosa, san rafael, san francisco, half moon bay, tapered to less than half an inch in redwood city and hayward. half inch concord livermore nearly 2/10 the storm dumped most of its rain north bay through the heart of the bay. right now live doppler picking up a few sprinkles here and there partly sunny and breezy as the drier, calmer air is starting to rush in. you can watch the radar over the last three hours, central valley and sierra start going get quieter. scattered showers there and snow above 7,000 feet in the sierra. chilly nights and fog for your early morning shopping in the forecast. >>> this is one of the busiest travel days of the year millions are flying or driving to get away. live look at san francisco skyway, things are moving w
. >>> it came early. snow in the sierra and could be more on the way. we will have more on the thanksgiving week forecast. >>> good personing. a manhunt is underway after four robberies, a homicide and officer-involved shooting. police have arrested one man in connection with the string of crimes but are looking for a second gunman and they are anxious to track him down. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is at the 7-eleven on stevens creek boulevard the scene of the killing. >> loved ones have been here all day dropping off notes, leaving flowers and lighting a candle and talking about the memories of their friend police announced a $10,000 reward they are the gunman still at large. police released the photo of the suspect in custody, jn thin on this wilbanks of san jose. they say he and another man were involved in four armed robberies a fatal shooting and a gun battle with police. >> anyone who is willing to take part in four armed robbery and shooting at an officer is as dang rouse as he gets. >> he they first robbed a little caesar's pizza and 15 minutes later a gas station. an hour after that a
like it? >> luis sierra: no, we'd never seen containers full of cash. >> logan: luis sierra was directing the ice operation that day. he told us that, until then, tales of containers full of cash were just a myth. >> logan: how much space physically does that kind of money take up? >> sierra: $41 million is... is probably waist-deep in maritime shipping container, waist-deep of cash. >> logan: how long did it take you to count it? >> sierra: it took us 30 days to count. >> logan: teams of agents worked eight hours a day with colombian police counting the money inside this heavily secured bank in the capital, bogota. and that was just the beginning. >> sierra: the amounts of cash they move is unfathomable. it... we couldn't believe it. and shipments that we seized, that was a routine shipment for them. that was... that was nothing. >> logan: a routine shipment. >> sierra: routine. monthly, weekly-- that wasn't a once-a-year or a one-time shot. they were... that was standard business. >> logan: how much money are you talking about? >> sierra: hundreds of millions, if not billi
. and the new 911 tape at the center of this soap opera. >>> and the killer of sierra lemar facing new charges, we will tell you what his co- workers are saying about that. >>> and there could be more trouble in the days ahead, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning, november 1st, i am pam -- november 14th, i am pam cook. >> let's go to steve paulson, he has your forecast. >>> this will be the last day for really warm temperatures and today there is going to be lots of 70s and the warmest temperatures will be on the bay and on the coast, here is sal. >> 680 through the walnut creek area no problem on northbound 680 coming up. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. >>> right now pg&e crews are at san francisco city hall trying to get the power to work normally. there was an explosion and fire there at city hall last night. claudine wong, what is the latest? >> reporter: a truck pulled up and take a look behind me they have two trucks and a third truck is just down the street which just pulled
. next speaker please. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is sue vaughn and here with the sierra club here in san francisco. i am on the executive board and i want to point out that no one -- the sierra club deals with this kind of issue all the time. this is our bailiwick want we hire lawyers to address these issues. no one came to us and asked us about the proposed changes to ceqa, and it was entirely by accident that we found out about this matter a few weeks ago and we have been rushing to deal with it since then. i got a bunch of documents about 11:15 p.m. last night that explain this so we're trying to get our head around it, and it's just not enough public notification so i am going to read the -- what the sierra club's position is. as an initial problem the notice -- >> ma'am. excuse me. i'm sorry. we're only speaking to the continuance of the matter. >> we're supporting the continuance. >> thank you. >> and i am explaining that right now. "for that matter continued to a later date and properly noticed" and i didn't read the other sentences so thank you for conti
authorities link the suspect in the sierra lamar case with previous attacks. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. >> the man accused of abducting and murdering sierra lamar of morgan hill is now facing murder charges today not related this -- to this case. and here's more. >> reporter: antolin garcia- torres has been behind bars for more than six months for the kidnapping and killing of sierra lamar. now the district attorney has charged him with killing two women in two safeway customers back in -- back in 2009. some cussers were, they are relieve -- customers, they re relieved. >> i remember everyone wondering who whats that -- who that was. >> reporter: in at least two sin dents -- incidents weapons wered. ktvu spoke to the victim back when it happened. >> he kept pulling my hair an punching me -- and munching me. >> reporter: antolin garcia- torres used to be an employee at both safeways in morgan hill. employees who used to work with me told me that they remember him as a polite guy but his feelings changed once he was connected to sierra lamar. >> it's kind of a shock that he's doing this
for the bay area. more sierra snow. winter weather advisory in place. we'll talk about your wet weekend coming up in a few minutes. >>> leon panetta ordered the pentagon to investigate why an alarming number of generals and admirals have been involved in ethical lapses. he made the request from thailand where he's representing the u.s. in the signing of a joint vision statement to strengthen military ties to the two countries. in the statement, panetta did not mention the affair by david petraeus. but did say, while the vast majority of officers abide by traditional ethical standards. he's concerned about the spike in alleged behavior, misbehavior among a rising number of officers in the military. >>> the commander in chief toured the east coast today, president obama visited new york city. and specifically staten island and saw the devastation left behind by super storm sandy. he thanked volunteers who have handed out millions of maeals. 400,000 people have asked for emergency aid from fema. >>> several high profile republicans tonight are distancing themselves from mitt romney after his comm
to the north. you can see the sierra snowfall coming down. this system is coming from the south. it is packing moisture. what it is not packing is the frigid arctic air. this comes with the next system on late saturday and sunday. right now, we're tracking moderate activity. you see the red and yellow. it all breaks down like this. spotty showers for the rest of the day. heavy rain moves in tonight at 7:00 p.m. continuing through tomorrow morning as well. we will have partial clearing tomorrow. that will continue through 7:00 p.m. saturday. the second colder storm pushes through saturday. look at how much rain we're expecting to accumulate over the course of the next 48 hours. upwards of 1.75 inches. in the south bay, where we don't get that much rainfall because we're in the shadows of the mountains, we are going to pick up close to 1 inch of rain. a lot of people have holiday travel plans and you have family coming into town. let's check the traffic with mike. >>> you know the rain we had this morning complicated things with the east shore freeway. we will show you the maps. here is the comm
and sierra businesses banking on a white thanksgiving holiday. we'll be right back. trtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrain, wishing you a happy thanksgiving. the middle east... after a temporary ceasefire between israel and palestine was br. "shots" ,. >>> the fighting continues in the middle east after a temporary cease fire between israel and palestine was broken. israel's military -- israel's military struck nearly 200 targets in palestinian territory just overnight. the attacks destroyed government and police compounds including a smuggling tunnel and a 3-story apartment building. hamas militants have struck back with nearly 500 rockets. it looks like israel is now getting ready for a ground invasion, and the conflict in the middle east is very much felt here in the bay area. protesters on both sides of the issue took to the streets outside the israeli consulate in san fransisco. small clusters of pro israel activists were outnumbered by those who support palestine. >> i don't know how come spot military air forces to bomb and kill children. it's very hard to understand it. >> the people on the other
that will soon begin up in the sierra. >>> we have new video of a pilot trying to make a getaway in a stolen plane. we have more criminal vexing on -- investigations on what the pilot was facing. >>> good morning, highway 40 is looking ghoul as we get to the willow pass grade and we will tell you more about -- looking good as we get to the willow pass grade and we will tell more about the morning commute coming up. before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. . >>> one of the planes wings clipped the side of the building and the plane crashed into some cars fences and light poles. authorities say the pilot was wanted in connection with a former killing in colorado and he was shot after the attempted plane theft. >>> a man is accused of threatening to shoot several people. officers received a call about a man threatening to kill people in the ocean view neighborhood. when police arrived they found the suspect hol
on westbound 580 through livermore and dublin interchange. chain requirements in the sierra. a full look at driving conditions coming up. >> dozens of people camped out in the rain and the cold to make sure their families are hooked up for the holiday season. >> and good morning, everyone. it is friday, it's here, it's november 9. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. a lightning strike near a transformer leaves dozens in the dark. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is with the crews that are busy now trying to get those lights back on. >> reporter: good morning. they have been working nonstop. pg&e says there is still no estimated time of when the power will be restored. but you can look right now. they are in one of the cherry pickers trying to bring power back to the area. one crew member told me they are hoping to get the lights back on by 8 or 9:00 this morning. about 100 customers had their lights out because of the hoffman, fountain street and grandview avenue outages. that caused transformers to be shut down. the challenge is because so many transformers were affected. pg&e had
this afternoon into the overnight hours. we will talk about if this one is a sierra no macer coming up in ing bit. terry. >> thank you very much. we have developing news out of san jose. there has been a development this a case where a police officer recovering after wounded in a shootout with robbery suspect. we are live where it happened. >> one suspect is now in custody. the other man remains on the loose, this following a shootout with police, as you mentioned here in east san jose. in fact because that one man still remains on the loose, this best western hotel we are staning in front of remains locked this morning because the clerk is afraid that that man on the loose is a danger. now, this video you are seeing is following a string of armed robberies. about 9:00 last night at a pizza parlor, a gas station and a fast-food restaurant, just after nine police spotted the two men and that led to a high she'd chase here. end where one man jumped out and fired at police. theoser was injured when several rounds hit his patrol car and shattered the windshield. both men got away. one man ran and the
this weather cell under half moon bay. and through the early morning hours snowfall to the sierras and lake tahoe kidding quite a bit of snowfall. as we look to the bay area of a slight chance of and weather patterns a few flurries could be possible. locally is one of the chilly for the overnight there is a trusted pfizer into effect. temperatures in the 30's in the north bay valleys. temperatures are going to be slow to warm. with mid '50s for the new in our. however, let us talk about the morning lows. a frost advisory in effect you can see until 8:00 a.m. and on and so for the delta is not included in this or the north bay valleys but those conditions could be included with possibly patchy frost for the inland valleys as well. how 32 in napa, and those tense right n.l. park included in that frost advisory. 37 in fairfield. concord, pleasanton, and 38 in daly city. a very chilly morning and afternoon temperatures are not going to warm up quite that much. only 50s and daly city 59 degrees in pleasanton. as we take a look at your extended forecast a slight chance of morning rainfall but int
is falling in the sierra tonight. you see the traffic backed up on 80 toward tahoe. chain control is in full effect. and that's not all. we could wake up tomorrow morning and see a light dusting of snow on our local mountain peaks. >> and we are already feeling the cold blast. cupertino in the 40s right now. nbc bay yars chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking the storm. >> the storm hasn't even arrived. the at least the core of that storm system is sitting offshore. we've seen all this rain out ahead of it. that's why even though you may be dry at the current moment we still have more on the way. but the largest story at this hour continues to be that cold blast you mentioned. right now 39 in santa rosa approaching record-setting lows. at this hour some mid, even some isolated low 30s expected up into the north bay. and look at this. in the south bay you're coming in second here when it comes to that widespread cold air with 43 in cupertino and also 44 in los gatos. let's get you back to the radar. we have been tracking these fast-moving cells all day long. and now what you're starting to
, scattered just a little bit in the land areas and over into the sierra.im let's focus in on fixed precipitation and snow. there is moisture in the fairfield area. part of the southu out towards los gatos you can see spotty showers. most of the bay area is dry now. in the bigger picture as you can see here, we have cold air mass with pockets of showers wrapped into this cold air mass. snow moving into the sierra.qb?t more showers in our direction. we can have more showers, right now, temperatures into 50s around the bay area. chilly day. tonight getting into evening hours, chilly. temperatures dropping into 40s and below freezing overnight in the north bay valleys. tomorrow afternoon, partly cloudy, mainly sunny skies, temperatures ranging from 54 on the coast. more cold air coming our way. i'll haveehq+ the forecast comig up later. >> abc 7 news is live in san francisco right now he's got a look at the storm through your eyes. >> skies are nice and clear. that wasn't the case last night. last night's cold storm was short lived but did leave a lasting impression on viewers. storm
storm in the sierra has skiers waxing up this morning. they are digging out from a fresh foot of snow. up to 18 inches of snow fell at donner summit,. they are opening today. it's a boon for ski shops where people are ready to hit the powder. >> it's going to be a banner season. last year we had season passes and it was a total bust. it was totally dirt. >> terry: a little closer to home, you can go to the north gay mall in san rafael. ice rink is open at noon today. there is another one at san francisco at justin hermann plaza. you can also go skating in napa. our reporter is up there and blowing the steam out. >> lisa: tis the season and coiled air settling in for the valleys but a little wind around the city allowing for the mixing and warmer start from 40s to 50s from oakland to san francisco. we'll talk about our next high temperatures and rain returning, that is coming up. >> terry: also next the warriors play los angeles lakers and kobe bryant goes off. >> terry: welcome back everybody. this is heavenly resort camera will. talking to lisa argen, temperatures up at tahoe low 20s
reported last night, the man accused of murdering morgan hill teenager sierra lamar now faces three additional charges of attempted kidnapping. this is unrelated to the lamar case. antolin garcia-torres allegedly tried to kidnap three different women in march of 2009. the attacks happened at the safeway stores on dunn avenue and tenant avenue in morgan hill. garcia torres allegedly used a stun gun during one of the attacks. today safeway shoppers recall the fear they experienced back in 2009. >> i actually came, like, during the day, but he was actually -- i heard he was doing them during bright light. so it was just a scary feeling. i actually did not bring my kids with me. >> she says at one point she even stopped shopping at that safeway. she is relieved that garcia torres is behind bars, and that he will be tried as an adult, even though he was 17 when those alleged attacks occurred. garcia torres is accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar in march of this year. today her father steve lamar said he views the additional charges as a positive development that will help th
. [ male announcer ] only from at&t. ♪ >> the man charged with kidnapping and murdering a sierra lamar is facing new accusations. police think he tried to kidnap other women and the morgan hill area. and a police chase and ends with a dramatic crash as a car it's an ambulance more of this video, ahead. >> the rainfall, we will time it out on futurecast, coming up. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> our top stories at 8:30 president obama held his first news conference since being reelected. he is not seen any evidence that national security was jeopardized because of the petraeus sex scandal. also the living fiscal cliff the president says that the rubino textiles for the wealthy. and fie
can't see the bay bridge behind us. >> this is mild. >> we have temperatures in the 40s in sierra nevada and back home in the 60s. take a look at mount tam. it continues to come down in the north bay. we have fog and breezy and a couple more hours of rain before a mini break and much colder system. i'll explain coming up. >> terry: also next, jim harbaugh returns to work after returning to the hospital. larry beil says if the >> terry: you are looking at a live picture of the heavenly mountain ski resort. you can see snow there. it's just what lake tahoe ski resorts were hoping for. many are open. sugar bowl are opening today. george warren has a reported from soda springs. >> friday evening brought a mix of rain and snow to donner summit. >> this is good start. so far, we're optimistic. >> reporter: as usually, boreal was the first to open. thanksgiving is what really counts and sugar bowl will open with two lifts. >> we usually shoot for thanksgiving so a week prior to thanksgiving is amazing for us. >> they tested a third lift, they are making a decision to run that, as well. t
to 10 inches. with winds 40 to 60 miles an hour, up across the crest of the sierra. if you're traveling this way, you may want to think twice over the next 18 hour period. winds could gust higher. bitterly cold. the unbelievable think thing about the current temperatures right now is below where we should be for morning lows. >> let's get you outside to the live hd sky camera network. we have a brief period of clearing and we'll get more intermittent rain in the forecast. that's the nature of what we're dealing with, it's hit and miss. it's not going to be this long duration period of wet weather. as we head throughout the night, it's going to be scattered in nature. a few areas of heavier rain will develop in time. we may actually get severe weather back here toward the east bay and also for the south bay, that could contain lightning. also some hail. and we'll keep that chance here scattered showers right through 6:00 a.m. on friday, and even into the afternoon hours. while we're getting rain now. another day at least here of some of these heavier pockets. up across the sierra, we'll
going on for several days some sewage was coming out of manhole covers. >>> optimism about sierra ski resort operators this morning they may open soon. aggressive snow-making operation helped mammoth mountain open yesterday. visitors were greeted with intermittent snow flurries mixed with the real stuff that fell last month. new snow is falling again the machines are fired up, they have been for a while now they are getting help from mother nature. one of the few seasons they could open before thanksgiving, we'll see. >> the snow machines fired up and skiers get fired up, let's find out from mike what they have to be fired up about. >>> what we're talking about is snow in the sierra, chains required on 80 and 50. here live doppler, still have a lot of cloud cover, radar returns are less moving east. altamont pass, tesla road, as you head out 205 and 580 towards tracy where we are looking at the better chance of wet weather. south bay out of san jose on 101 towards san martine, a little rain there, heavier rain on the santa theresa boulevard. there is some snow in the higher elevations
'm not going to go into heavy detail, i want to take you down here into the sierra madre. i was following routes all over for the house of rain, trying to figure out where the anastazi went when they left house of rain. many of them made the modern pueblos but other groups continued south. i followed pottery trails down into the sierra madre where my wife and two others went out and we came to these cliff dwellings. it seemed like every single cave we looked into had cliff dwellings. and this wasn't a place with trails. this wasn't a known location. many of these sites were pristine. they were just -- it looked as if people had just left suddenly, just like all the stories in here. little cliff dwellings, little granaries, little sites falling apart. larger sites. this site went actually 5 layers deep into this cave. very particular to this region were these shaped storage rooms. this one is about 10 feet high. often they would have door stones sealing them on the top. and they were of all kinds of shapes and sizes, but they specific to that area. that's the smallest one we found. and the
, high sierra they saw real impact from the storm. a foot snafl of snow fell overnight this, is a look at highway 50 sanlda patel has a look at how long the weather might last. >> a little bit longer. it is happening. this is a time we take1uq+ bragging rights here, we call for the possibility and snow here in local peaks. we've gotten it. we have now just start to see showers developing around the area. this is very light returns here. and i'll show you what it looks like. it's been snowing in parts of the bay area. take a look here, i'm slowing it down. you can see mount hamilton area, pink indicating a mix of rain and snow. they've seen snow already down towards monterey bay, we're seeing snow. we have snow in mountains north of lake county. and this has been going on since last night. we'll keep it in the forecast heading into next couple days.bq as you look towards the coastddo the coastline this, not done with us yet. so hang onto the umbrellas. still could see thunder and hail and snow into the mountains. i'll let you know if this is going to end before plans begin in just a fe
sierra lamar, pero estos no estan relacionados al caso de la menor. take 2 box cesar --gabriela dellan en vivo nos tiene la informacion. gaby -- asi es, estas nuevas acusaciones, involucran intento de secuestro. -- los incidentes ocurrieron hace dos aÑos cuando torres aun era menor de edad, sin embargo.. ser acusado como adulto. pkg -- aqui vemos a antolin garcia-torres entrando a corte, donde se le acusa de ser el responsable de secuestrar y asesinar a la adolescente sierra lamar la joven de 15 aÑos quien fue vista por ultima vez el 16 de marzo camino a la escuela. --- ahora florecen nuevas acusaciones ligadas al nombre de torres y que se remontan a marzo de 2009. --todos los incidentes con el mismo escenario... un estacionamiento del supermercado safeway.. involucrando.. robo de vehiculo... intento de secuestro... pero contra tres mujeres diferentes. -- en una de las victimas torres utilizo una pistola de descarga electrica para ejecutar el crimen -- los ataques sembraron el miedo entre los residentes y pusieron en alerta a la policia -- dos aÑos despues, el adn del sospechoso fue en
commute. sooner you can get out there more likely it will be dry. we have snow mixing in the sierra, high snow with the elevation around 7,000 feet. temperatures cooler today but just expect waves of rain, 60-63 at the coast. 56 around the bay and 61-65 inland. wet weather is going to stay here through sunday morning. >> no chain requirements for the sierra. snow level is high. we'll be following that this morning. you can see the golden gate bridge. i came down from san rafael where it was dry around 3:30 this morning. we started getting light sprinkles across the golden gate bridge. you can see the slick roads and we saw chp officers slowly heading into the northbound direction to put pick up the road work at north end. leverage road closed until 5:30 because of road work. there is detour in place. other road work at alameda. on-ramp of 880 is closed. dumbarton bridge, left lane closed until 5:00 for road work as well. >> eric: the prospect of rain has public work crews in daly city racing to shore up a damaged hillside and prevent a mudslide that buried a street and cars on it last wee
, by the way in the sierra tomorrow morning closer to 5500 feet. good news for the ski resorts. a good amount of rain, along 580. east of oakland, out towards hayward we're seeing the moderate rain flying out there. west of sunnyvale, and los gatos, down into morgan hill, same areas south of san jose after midnight that sees the bigger punch out of the system. you can see clouds through most of the bay area. but the lifting action is taking place from areas south of san francisco. and a pretty active pattern setting up early next week. for now it will taper off as we head to sunday. you can see threat in the future cast, clouds coming in, isolated showers at times, you think near the coastal mountains and south bay for the morning. mostly cloudy skies, wrapping up sunday. we'll see a pattern change as we go from sunday to starting the work week. notice the jet stream to the south, over the bay area. monday, tuesday, a pattern shift. we'll see a very strong jet stream, aiming along the northern california coast. the bay area, on the outer fringe of this, monday, tuesday, a chance of rain, nort
primarily up to the north of the bay area and also out to the east especially out to the sierra. as far as as our local raid -- as far as our local radar, i'm track agnew light rain showers, mainly up in the northern portions of the north bay mainly up to the northeast and santa rosa as well. there's still the possibility of a spotty shower for this afternoon. the weather pattern is changing. the one temperature change you can expect for tomorrow and we'll break down rain chances as we head into the weekend. >> thank you, mark. >>> and happening right now, crews are cleaning up a sewage spill that shut down part of san francisco's ocean beach. newschopper2 is live over the scene right now. during the rain storm overnight, sewage burst through a rainfall near the great highway and balboa street. the san francisco public utilities commission says 90% of the spill was rain water. but a block-long area remains closed while crews clean the mess off the sand and the pedestrian walkway. officials expect that section of the beach will be closed for several days. >>> at this hour, a cease-fire i
the snow report is running lots of snow for the sierra nevada. another one to three inches but boy, tough getting up there today. so might want to stay tuned right here to channel 5. we have some storms that are lining up so be careful heading to the high country. over this weekend, we could see a couple of feet of snow maybe more than thats across the high sierra nevada. so yeah, we have big storms lining up. i think the next one will be a real soaker. >> snow could be good for skiers and borders. >> the base are a little high but the snow will be coming down. >> look what we have right there speaking of snow. it's come down in the sierra. >> how about that. >> boy, look at that wind, though. >> it's not going to be great conditions but they are getting the snow. they need that. >> yes. >> thank you. >>> right now, pg&e is working on restoring power to hundreds of folks in pacifica where a lot of shopkeepers simply closed up. >> let's check back in with cate caugiran. when do crews think they will have the power back on. >> reporter: well, hopefully sometime soon, frank and michelle. th
, giving you a view of the sierra. we continue with the advisory here. snow levels down to about 2500 feet actually here at home some of our higher elevations could pick up a dusting of snow. the winter weather advisory for the sierra will last through the morning hours looking at 5 to 10 inches of snowfall. meanwhile at home, upper 50s, lower 60s for the forecast in the afternoon. it's going to be a cool day and cool morning. numbers are down anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees from yesterday morning. your weekend in view here showing you we will run cool for your weekend. upper 50s, low 60s with mainly dry conditions for the afternoon. get into monday, slightly warmer and then tuesday, the next possibility of showers will arrive. it's a chilly start out there this morning, i'll have a look at your current temperatures coming up. >>> all the major european markets are down right now many by more than 1% as investors worry about slow or no growth in the global economy. in the far east, they finished the day with losses overnight. analysts say that's over worries about u.s. fiscal policy. we've b
it is look like winter in the sierra. we will >> this is abc7 news. >> the health advisory is posted for the beaches of monterey county due to potentially dangerous levels of bacteria and other nasty stuff. the health officials discouraged swimming at any county beaches where storm drains empty into the ocean. they say recent rains and run off are sending potentially dangerous levels of bacteria, viruses and chemicals into the ocean. swimmers could become ilunga-mbenga as a result. the advisory will remain in effect for three days following the end of the rains. >>> surfers come from all over the world and they are on standby for the mavericks invitational competition near half moon bay waiting for some monstrous surf. take a look at the view from sky 7hd. it is beautiful. we have the story. >> sky 7hb hovered above half moon bay for the start of the mavericks invitational surfing contest. the 24 competitors and local surfers joined hands in the water for a prayer circle. >> they say another prayer. they all talk personally about what this all means to them and it's very special. it'
valley. the sierra nevada they have and really very little left of it. we are looking at the temperatures dropping. the winds are calm and the numbers into the lower 40s this morning in our north bay valleys. chance of an isolated shower still remains this morning with 40s and 50s around the bay. by this afternoon upper 50s coast with some sunshine, to the low 60s. we will be dry and then for tonight look for a few more clouds. our dry weather not going to last all that long w will have the details on our next dance of rain coming up. >> with more showers expected, people who live in areas prone to flooding and mood slides are watching the weather. they are very nervous. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard checked on those areas during last night's heavy rain. >> the rain began falling in the north bay after 6:00 p.m. getting the attention of the larkspur neighbor sheila and tess, who live in a mobile home park that has flooded in the past. >> neighbors have lost cars and flooded in the past and homes have been damaged. i lost a bunch. christmas decorations once but that's the worst it's b
will look at the winter weather advisory that is set to begin up in the sierra. >>> this time it is not a super storm but a nor'easter. the powerful storm is dumping snow and weighing down branches and trees. terms of thousands of homes and businesses have lost power again. >> we have back our power last friday and it's back out again today so frustrated is a fair word. >> more than 600 thoughts houses have not had power and contractors are going door to door to make sure everything is safe for when the electricity does go back on. they are tree to make sure some flights would be caps selled because of the nor'easter. the united airline postponed most of its flights, d.c. and new york were also canceled. >>> back in court, the important hearing for the deadly arizona shooting rampage that critically injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >>> and what the change in the three strikes law could mean for several prisoners. >>> southbound 101, we will tell you more about the commute and the way area weather. . >>> taking a look at live storm tracker, we do have some gusty winds,
've seen a couple inches so this air could be making its way chain controls now in the sierra. it's snowing &oxñ so if you're traveling there it's going to be a tough one. 18 hugts from san francisco, less across the bay area. san jose, zero. now, temperatures at this hour into 50s. some scattered showers through friday. snow is a possibility for local peaks above 3,000 feet. it's a cold storm. you can see it here. speckeled clouds indicating cold air. !s instability to deal wchl the cold air will keep showers in the forecast. we'll see steady showers heading into early morning hours. at 5:00 a.m. it's going to be wet and cold. morning. sierra nevada winter weather advisory. up to 10 inches of snow near the crest. so chilly tonight upper 30s down to upper 40s in the warmest locations if youlainz w. scattered showers around the bay you'll need umbrellas. it's going to be a cool day. make sure you have a coat with you. accu-weather forecast frosty, cold morning coming up. dry for the weekend and then we'll bring in another chance of showers tuesday, wednesday. >> it's that time of the year.
, definitely in the sierra. squaw valley could get a foot of snow. snow levels are low at 5,000 feet. and that could drop a little, as well. >>> the falling snow caught many drivers off guard. a number of travelers heading up and down interstate 80 thinking they would beat the storm, but it hit earlier than expected. tow truck driver mick hodges says the snow came down so quickly, caltrans didn't have time to set up chain controls in truckky. >> they let cars through without chains and then it started snowing real heavy so there's cars on the highway with no chains on and they were crashing. >> a break in the storm left roads very slick and wet. still, chain controls remain in effect, upsetting some truck drivers forced to buy chains because they didn't have them and that costs a lot. >> it does. >>> snow up there but rain down here, lawrence. i was driving on the way to work today had to dodge a couple of puddles in the road. >> wet out there, lightning strikes. we are not done, we have more showers, but it's moving a little further to the south throughout the morning hours. let's t
a few showers in the sierra. snow showers expected there through the morning hours. if you are getting away for the weekend and we have rain just east of clear lake into the sacramento valley. partly cloudy skies there. we are dealing this just through the morning hours and then it's out. we are mainly dry, mostly clear skies and it's a cool cool start, afternoon highs will be below average from five to ten degrees. it'll feel cool, sunset at 5:02 and the chilly weather will return in to the evening with the possibility of a frost advisory going on tomorrow morninga as well. 58 degrees for your afternoon today in santa rosa, 59 for san rafael. 58 berkeley. upper 50s san francisco as well as oakland, maybe headed to the ice rink, the afternoon there going to be sunny and cool. 61 san jose. 62 morgan hill. afternoon breeze from the northwest, from five to 15 miles an hour. that could add to the cooling as well. definitely keep that jacket handy for the weekend. 30s as we start the morning, upper other's, low 60's in the afternoon. partly cloudy on monday. slightly warmer into tuesday. th
charges against the man who they say kidnapped and murdered missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. he has been charged with trying to kidnap three other women during three separate carjackings. the attacks happened in 2009 at two different safeway stores in the south bay. garcia torres had previously worked at a safeway. police say he used a stun gun on one of the women. although hes 17 at the time of those attacks. santa clara county officials will charge him as an adult. sierra lamar was last seen on march 16th at her home. she went missing from a bus stop as she was heading to school. her body has not been found despite months of searching. the dna of garcia torres was discovered on lamar's clothes. they were found discarded not far from the bus stop. >>> residents in one daily city neighborhood trying to clean up tonight after a water main break triggers a massive mud slide. an 8-inch cast iron pipe ruptured sending 45,000-gallons of water down hill. streets were left covered in a layer of mud several inches thick. these pictures from abc 7 news show just how large an area was aff
and murdering sierra lemar. the innocence happened when antolin garcia-torres was a -- incidents happened when antolin garcia-torres was a juvenile. they learned about sierra lemar and antolin garcia-torres was arrested for this case. >>> they had two suspects in a horrifying kidnapping incident. coming up, we will show you more of that surveillance video they hope will lead to an arrest. >>> new this morning, leon panetta still has confidence for john allan to lead in florida. leon panetta is currently in australia for a defense summit. leon panetta addressed the scandal that led to the resignation of director general david petraeus. >> nobody should lead to any consolation here. general allan is doing an excellent job in leading those forces. he certainly has my continued forces to lead our forces and to continue the fight. >> the inspector general is currently investigating the exchanges between the two. one described them as flirt tares but somebody else compared them to phone sex. >>> and nancy pelosi is expected to announce whether she will hold her current leadership post or step town.
of sierra lamarr. disappearance of sierra lamar. st. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >>> 7:30. we have continuing coverage now of that huge mess in daly city. we were the first tv crew there after a water main break flooded a neighborhood. tara is live back there with new footage. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago, crews pulled you and they are assessing the damage. p we had a chance to actually take a like up this hill and get a better look at the gaping hole. wow. we were told it's a 20 x 20. it seems closer than that when you are standing. engineers have inspected the hillside and they say it is -- it sa -- it is safe. >> war ar-- we're gonna keep the rains out. keep in the
tambien muestran que el sospechoso de asesinar a la menor sierra lamar, utilizo una tarjeta de la tienda safeway para comprar una botella de "clara-sol" y una charola para cocinar pavos antes de la desaparicion de sierra. blanca ---mientras que en oakland, tambien se anuncio el arresto de un hombre quien se sospecha cometio 2 robos utilizando la pagina "craigslist" en internet. take vo ---cas black, de 19 aÑos de edad, enfrenta 2 cargos de robo a mano armada y tambien podria estar relacionado a una serie de atracos similares ocurridos entre el 22 de agosto al 22 de octubre de este aÑo. ---se cree que el sospechoso anunciaba articulos en la pagina de internet y cuando los posibles compradores se reunian con el, les robaba el dinero y otras pertenencias. topvo blanca ---precisamente, philip tong, un agente del departamento del alguacil se encuentra tras las rejas por presuentamente haber robado un banco. ---la policia dice que el atraco fue en una sucursal del bank of america ubicado en el vecindario "outer richmond" el pasado 7 de noviembre. ---supuestamente tong se acerco a una cajera,
conditions. in the sierra, a winter advisory in effect until tomorrow afternoon. ten itch inches of snow. chilly in the north bay valleys. lows drop into upper 30s. qk highs by reaching into upper 50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. cold mornings sunday and monday. low temperatures dropping down to about freezing in colder locations. it was mainly dry and sunday is vetan's day. we observed it monday with government offices being closed. >> right. >> thank you. >> yes. >> still ahead dancing with the stars co-host brook burke makes a statement about her health. >> and pope benedict about to join masses in the world of social media. >> and taking a look at traffic no wait if you don't have fast track, it's easy going across the bay towards san francisco ask beyond now. ba.. >>> i had which it means i'm going to have a nice big scar right here across my neck. >> dancing with the stars co-hoflt anunsed today a video she will undergo thyroid surgery saying the cancer was discovered during a routine biopsy. burke adds she will make a positive out of this negative thing. the gland secrets
@kron.com >> take a look get the sierras. we can see the snowfall blanketing the lake tahoe area is to bring a early ski season. >> the forecast looks great for snow this weekend. a mass of cold air is moving across donner summit and boreal mountain resort is preparing to open on saturday. they have already started snowmaking operations. the national weather service is predicting between four and to 9 in. of snowfall through tomorrow. if that does happen cough boreal will welcome guests. skiing and snowboarding started back on october 26th but all that had to stop on halloween because to is just to warm and. this weekend is veterans day weekend and they're expecting a big crowd. this is usually considered early because ski resorts usually open the around thanksgiving and by tomorrow, the resorts will know for sure weather there will be open on saturday but there will tell us if that does not work there will surely be open on sunday. they are hoping for a great season with lots of snow. >> take a look at mammoth mountain. it is opening day. you can imagine that avid skiers and snow boarders all over
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